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2017 American Folk Festival Volunteer Positions

Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer without a guardian.  Those under the age of 16 may volunteer with a guardian for the on-site donation team. 

Festival Desk (16 yrs or older)

The Festival Desk needs you to act as an ambassador for Bangor! For this opportunity you get to: 1) welcome performers and staff as they arrive at Holiday Inn, Odlin Road, Bangor – our host hotel, 2) serve as an important source of information for performers and staff, 3) check-in artist CDs at the hotel to get an accurate inventory, 4) help arrange shipment of counted CDs down to the Music Sales tent on-site, 5) assist with breakfast or dinner check-in (specific shifts only) and so much more. This job can be very busy at times.

Volunteer Registration (16 yrs or older)

Are you excited to welcome volunteers as they arrive for their shifts? Then you want to be at Volunteer Registration where you will: 1) greet fellow volunteers, 2) mark volunteer attendance in a provided ledger, 3) distribute waivers and shirts to volunteers who didn’t attend orientation, 4) direct volunteers to their shift location and much more. This job can be very busy at times, and quiet at other times. Please feel free to bring a book, knitting, etc.

Marketplace & Shop and Drop (16 yrs or older)

If you want to be the first to see the great new products for sale at the Festival’s Craft Marketplace, volunteer here, where you’ll help the vendors to set up and re-supply their booths (some moving of boxes involved), plus meal breaks and end-of-festival tear-down.  At the Shop & Drop booth, you’ll provide a place for shoppers to leave their purchases while they see the Festival.  Attention to detail is a must!  This job ranges from very busy to very quiet, so please bring a book or other quiet-time activity.

On-Site Donation Team (any age with a Guardian)

The people who make up the Donations team are a happy corps of volunteers who offer Festival goers an opportunity to help support the Festival through on-site donations. You are an integral part of our fundraising effort by collecting donations from our generous, happy Festival attendees. We depend on you as a Bucket donations volunteer to help keep our event free!

  1. Stationary (or Big Bucket) on-site donation volunteers are the Welcoming Committee of the American Folk Festival. If you are friendly, upbeat and not afraid to dance in the streets, this position is for you! You get to greet our Festival attendees, happily accept their donations and hand out thank you stickers. These donation stations are located at the Heritage and Railroad entrances. This position requires a lot of standing during the duration of your shift. We encourage individuals, families or teams to sign up for this position.
  2. Roving on-site donation volunteers work in teams of at least 2 people per bucket. If you are outgoing, love to interact with people and want to be immersed in the Festival atmosphere, this position is for you. In your team, you will be able to walk the Festival grounds gathering donations and handing out thank you stickers. Teams might be asked to cover a specific stage or area of the Festival. This position requires a lot of walking. We encourage families or teams of 2 or more to sign up for this position.

Stage Area Services (16 yrs or older)

Is being close to the music a must have for you? Then join our Stage Area Services team where you will be: 1) backstage assisting performers and staff, 2) making sure only authorized people are backstage, 3) keeping refreshments for artists, volunteers and staff stocked, 4) helping with seating, crowd control, 5) maintaining order of seats and aisles, or whatever else pops up around the stage. This job involves times spent on feet, or walking within the perimeter of the stage.

Vending (16 yrs or older)

Do you have retail experience or just enjoy helping people shop? We could use your help in our Festival vending booths where you will: 1) sell Festival merchandise, soda and water, 2) help people find their size in the apparel they are looking for, 3) run a cash register and more! This job requires a good deal of time on your feet.

Safety Escort (16 years or older)

Your presence as a safety escort guarantees a safe Festival experience for everyone. You are the safety eyes and ears on the Festival site. As a Safety Escort you will assist Operations personnel and Police to ensure that when a train comes through the Festival site, the tracks are clear of pedestrians. You also assist in the flow of On-Site transportation by helping golf cart drivers safely navigate the Festival site. As a safety escort you must be able to courteously and clearly communicate directions. There are busy times and quiet times with this position. You are encouraged to bring a chair for the times when on-site traffic is quiet. A group of 2-4 friends can work together!

On-Call Volunteer (16 yrs or older)

Do you want to volunteer wherever it is needed most? Then join our On-Call volunteers who agree to be on-site and on-call during a specific period of time to fill-in wherever is needed at that time. On-call volunteers are very important to the changing demands of a busy Festival. *On-Call volunteers must have a cell phone with them during their scheduled shift.

 Baby Comfort

 Adult female volunteers are needed for 2 or 2.5 hour shifts to assist in ensuring the Baby Comfort Station is clean, safe and properly used (for nursing mothers and parents of small children, diaper changes).

Information Booths (16 yrs or older)

We are looking for social, outgoing volunteers to provide assistance in the Festival’s Information Booths. Volunteers working in our Info Booths should become familiar with the layout of the festival and be able to: answer questions about performance times, location of vendors, ATMs, restrooms, phones, lost and found; and much more. (This information is provided in a handy book located at the Festival!) New festival volunteers are welcome and will be provided briefing by a Volunteer Leader at the beginning of their first shift. Job involves time spent on feet or sitting behind a table.

Site Set-up or Strike (16 yrs or older)

Here’s your chance to help make the Festival happen and still get to relax once the music starts. We need a number of volunteers to help with set-up the week prior to the Festival, and folks to help with site strike once the music is over. There might be some waiting involved, while work needs are coordinated. Some of the work is physically demanding. Be sure to bring gloves, sunscreen and a sense of humor.

Music Sales (16 yrs or older)

We are looking for social, outgoing people to sell performer CDs to thousands of festival-goers. This is a very busy, fun and fast-paced job that can be physically demanding, with a lot of time spent on your feet.

Bicycle Parking (16 yrs or older)

Bike Valet Parking Volunteers: 1) greet bicyclists as they arrive, 2) park bicycles, 3) mark the location of each bicycle on one of the two receipt tickets, 4) retrieve bicycles when people are ready to leave, 5) answer bicyclists’ questions, 6) distribute literature and much more.

Ice & Water Brigade (16 yrs or older)

Are you looking for a job that will give you a good workout? This is the job for you! Help deliver ice and water to vendors, backstage areas and vending booths. This is a busy and fairly physically demanding job, you must be able to carry cases of water as well as 20lbs bags of ice.

Dance Tent Info and Vending (16 yrs or older)

This job combines Festival merchandise sales, CD sales and information booth all in one – so get ready to multi-task! Dance Tent Info and Vending volunteers: 1) help shoppers choose t-shirt colors and sizes, 2) sell performer CDs (those performing at the Dance Tent only), 3) sell soda and water, 4) assist festival-goers with questions (a binder containing ALL kinds of information is available to you), 5) use cash registers, 6) restock inventory when needed. If you have retail experience, and are comfortable using a cash register, let the booth leader know.

Children's Village

High energy, fun-loving volunteers needed for the Children's Village! As a volunteer for the Children's Village, you may be assigned many exciting jobs including face painting or facilitating a variety of games and activities. This year there will also be four performances per day at the Children's Village, so you might be helping keep the performer's area clear once the show has started. Our needs may change during the shift, so be prepared to be a flexible helper at any activity that may need assistance.

Music Logger

This year’s stages are jam-packed with entertainment, and the American Folk Festival doesn’t want to forget a second of it! As a Music Logger, you will help record performances from the sound booth, either by taking notes or operating recording equipment. Your attention to detail really counts in this job, as the goal is to accurately log each and every performance for storage in the National Archives in Washington, D.C!